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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

About us...

  • data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH is a private owned limited and independent software company specialising in the field of sheet metal processing.

  • We have been developping and distributing the leading software solutions for Rollforming (COPRA® RF) and Bending (COPRA® MetalBender) running under AutoCAD, Autodesk Mechanical and Inventor data M is strategic developer for MSC.MARC, as well as sheet metal software solutions for OEM-customers.

  • We offer inspection systems for roll forming tooling (COPRA® RollScanner).

  • data M has got more than 150 man years of experience in software development for sheet metal forming as well as engineering services!

  • data M not only offers innovative products for sheet metal bending and rollforming,  but also security you can achieve only from a leading developer. data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH is a leading developer for sheet metal software and rollforming software worldwide. Several thousands of users are working with COPRA® software - worldwide.

  • data M software is designed by software engineers and mechanical engineers. They have both - the skills to write complex programs in modern languages, as well as experience in mechanics and metal forming. The guaranty for what you need: a leading solution.

  • data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH:
    A new corporate name and logo for a strong brand!
    As of April 17, 2009 the name data M Software GmbH has changed to become data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH.
    Changing our name is a logical consequence of growth in recent years. Our internationally focused corporate structure makes it necessary to reinforce the brand name "data M". The new name identifies our company clearly in the market in which it works.
    In the past few years we have extended our business activities from those of a pure developer of top-of-the-market software for sheet metal working. In addition to CAD/CAM and CAE software solutions we offer in particular wide-ranging consulting and engineering services. These include design activities, analysis of reforming processes, or custom research and development in the field of roll forming (for example innovative "flexible roll forming"). The change in name is intended to reflect this expanded focus.
    We will continue to be your dependable partner. Together we can strengthen the position of data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH as an innovative force in the development of new and ambitious sheet metal working solutions.
  • data M Sheet Metal Solutions is expanding:
    For a number of years now data M Sheet Metal Solutions has been thinking about expanding its selection of services so that it can better communicate the expertise constantly being developed to its customers all over the world. For this purpose the company has already established offices in the USA, India, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain. In this way data M engineers are always receptive to the needs of customers, to see what is happening on the market. This facet of data M service will continue to grow.