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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

History of

data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH


The founder Albert Sedlmaier used to work as a research engineer at the Technical University of Munich/Germany in the field of mechanical design, CAD/CAM and rollforming.
Research Project KPW (Dipl.-Ing. Alber Sedlmaier).
Investigations concerning the subject roll forming (CAD/CAM, expert systems...) on behalf of the Studiengesellschaft für Stahlanwendung; Düsseldorf/Germany.
Co-founder Stefan Freitag graduated at the same University.


3D-Sheet Bending Software Module for EUCLIDTM, Matra Datavision;
Development of a sheet metal bending/unfolding software for the EUCLID volume modeller.


3D-Sheet Bending Module for SELENIA-AUTOTROLTM;
First reflections on the theme CIM, besides an unfolding module also optimization of multistage operation dies and waster.

June 1987

Foundation of data M Software GmbH by two research engineers from Technical University of Munich (Albert Sedlmaier and Stefan Freitag).


COPRA® RollForm software Version 1.0 and CAD Blech Version 1.0 (the predecessor of COPRA® MetalBender) under AutoCAD (AutoLisp for those who remember...)


Genius Blech Version 2.0; First attempts to simulate the bending sequences in 2D sections;
COPRA® Version 3.0 for Rollforming also for HP ME10. Connection of roll data base management to RDBMS INGRES (TM).


SOLID Sheet: The very first volume model based 3D sheet metal software for AutoCAD (using Autodesk's Modeling Extension AME)


Process Chain for Sheet Metal; CIM-Concept for the complete processing of sheet metal parts.


Development of COPRA® RollScanner an automatical working inspection machine for rollforming tools: COPRA® RollScanner


COPRA® DTM (Deformation Technology Module - Rollform Simulation)


SOLID Sheet Rel. 13 - New version of 3D Sheet metal software based on AutoCAD 13 and its integrated ACIS volume modeller.


COPRA® 12c3 and Round-to-Special shape forming for tubes


COPRA® DrawnTubes: designing and manufacturing drawing rings for round tubes under Autodesk Mechanical Desktop;
Genius Sheet becomes COPRA® MetalBender


COPRA® MetalBender for Mechanical Desktop


Movement into larger facilities


COPRA® FEM - Roll Forming (Rollform Simulation)


COPRA® MetalBender gets part of Autodesk's Inventor;
data M Software GmbH is appointed as "Autodesk's preferred supplier for sheet metal technology and validation";
Development of a drive- and control unit for flexible roll forming.


COPRA® FEA RF (Finite Elemente Simulation for Roll Forming) as OEM Version with MSC.MARC available;
COPRA® DTM (Deformation Technologie Modul with possibity to calculate plastic strain values presented);
COPRA® RollScanner with third axis presented (Autofocus for rolls with varying diameters).


COPRA® TQM (Total Quality Management) concept for design, try-out, verification and in-process quality control of roll tools.
Large-scale industrial launch of COPRA® FEA RF (Finite Element Analysis for Roll Forming).
Improvementof the analytical roll form analysis COPRA® DTM by computation of plastic strain values in addition to the known profile stress analysis.


Presentation of a new version of COPRA® FEA RF at Tube Düsseldorf show with an integrated thermo mechanical simulation of the roll forming and welding process.


data M Software India Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore has started its operations in India,  Arabia as well as the Asia-Pacific market to strengthen its product sales as well as support and engineering services. Santosh Venkata Subbaiah, an experienced engineer is managing data M’s Indian business.


Release COPRA® RF 2007: This release supplies new technologies for all roll forming issues that could only be implemented with a big effort. That includes e.g. the possibility to use drawing dies in roll forming lines, the automatic development of one or multiple cages in a tube welding line, new types of passes in the tubemill program and a completely new roll design based on the design capabilities of AutoCAD.


Release COPRA® FEA RF 2008: When doing the first steps of development in the Mid Nineties we had some dreams of what Simulation Technology could do one day. Today these dreams have come true. COPRA® FEA RF helps to understand the roll forming process, trace problems and do a target- oriented optimisation. Of course also roll form technology is developing. Therefore it is necessary to add new features into the FEA software.


As of April 17th, 2009 the name data M Software GmbH has changed to become data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH. This renaming does not mean any changes in our legal corporate structure or any changes for you in our business dealings.

Release COPRA® RF 2009: In this new version data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH has been concentrating on major issues, that will make the design of sections with pre-punched material, or the handling of trapezoidal and corrugated sections, much easier.


data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd. in the United Kingdom and data M Scandinavia AB in Sweden were opened.


Opening of data M do Brasil Software Ltda. in Brazil.

Release COPRA® RF 2011 and COPRA® FEA RF 2011. The big objective of this version was the extensive integration of parametrics into the flower design of the COPRA® RF software. The solution has a modern core now which fulfills today's state of the art and decisively simplifies upgrading for new technologies.


data M celebrates its 25th anniversary.