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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Back to the Roots and Into the Future: “Getting Smart with COPRA” Seminar Series, August 2019

Many thanks to the participants of our “Getting Smart with COPRA” seminar series in Columbus and St. Louis this month, the warm welcome and exciting talks!

This trip and especially the visit to Columbus awakened pleasant feelings of nostalgia with CEO Albert Sedlmaier: “This is the place where my business in software for the roll forming industry used to start around 30 years ago.”
Since that time a lot has changed:

We all face a work environment which is constantly reshaped by technological progress and new ways of production.

Carl Stephenson who was leading through the seminar demonstrated how data M has taken on this challenge: “With the constantly growing COPRA EcoSystem our R&D and software development team is always working on future-prove solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge.”
During the “Work together Sessions” participants could see for themselves how data M’s technology brings new opportunity by increasing the productivity of the design team.

It has been a real pleasure meeting and spending these days with all participants in and outside the class room, discussing not only our new software releases, R&D activity but also aspirations and exciting new projects.

This trip to the USA not only evoked good memories but also a lot of enthusiasm for our growing roll forming community beyond the pond:

A possibility to meet us next will be the Westec in Long Beach and Fabtech in Chicago. We are also planning to host Mini Seminars at these locations.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and to discuss roll forming your future!

26.08.2019 17:47