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Friday, December 04, 2020

COPRA® RF 2019 NOW Available

COPRA® RF 2019

Improved workflow for an even more efficient and dynamic roll design

COPRA® RF has been global market leader in the field of roll forming software for some years now. With the latest release of COPRA® RF 2019 our team have worked on new features tailored to the requirements and needs of today’s roll forming designers. These new features improve the workflow, making it more efficient and dynamic further still.

New Features and Improvements include:

  • Optimized Axis Configuration
  • Improved Integration into the COPRA® Product Family
  • Expanded Smart Roll Possibilities – available in COPRA® RF 2019 SR1
  • Visualization of Coated Areas in the Profile
  • Four-Roll Welding Pass (Tube Mill Program)
  • CNC Table Dimensioning

and further additional developments…

Our new website as well as our release notes offer a brief description of improvements and new features of the 2019 release:

  • Compatible with AutoCAD / AutoCAD Mechanical 2015-2019 and Inventor® 2015-2019.
  • Or including AutoCAD OEM 2016 version.

27.05.2019 09:00