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Monday, August 19, 2019

New in COPRA® FEA RF: Mesh Adaptation Optimized for Roll Forming by Advanced Restart Function

Mesh refinement at bending point

To run an FEA simulation the volume of the object to be simulated is broken down into simple subdomains or what are called elements. This is called meshing. The quality of the mesh has a decisive effect on the accuracy of results. But computing effort increases with the use of a finer and tighter mesh, so the aim is to refine only where the material deforms. These are usually bending points. When you start a simulation it is generally difficult to predict the correct position of a bending point, because often there is lateral extension that shifts material and does not correspond to the bandwidth calculation on which design engineering is based. Subsequently altering the position of mesh refinement can cause the larger time investment because, to date at least, simulation had to be started again from the beginning after every mesh correction.

The new advanced restart function from data M now presents an effective solution to the problem, enabling the user to adapt the mesh specifically and avoid time-consuming repetition of the simulation process necessitated by correction. More...

21.12.2014 00:00