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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

New Software Version COPRA® FEA RF 2017 now available!


This latest Release supplies new and enhanced possibilities not only for a fast and effective verification of roll designs, but also allows for taking the station stiffness into account and to easily import 3D CAD parts for up- and downstream calculations to roll forming.

We especially want to thank all our customers that have been supporting us with their feedback and suggestions allowing us to developing a solution that brings simulations yet closer to reality.

The heart of COPRA® FEA RF 2017 is the new functionality to take Station Stiffness into account. During roll forming the shafts are deflecting caused by the forming forces. Compared to a fixed position of the rolls this provides even more realistic results as the deformation of the material is depending on the resulting roll gap – like in reality.

Following a short overview of the new, powerful features:

  • Station Stiffness is considered (only for simulations without friction)
  • Shaft deflection is influencing the dimensional accuracy of a section
  • More exact calculation of the occurring forming forces
  • Simple calculator for Shaft Stiffness
  • Extended possibilities for the analysis of roll gap and shaft deflection
  • Reworked, faster mesh renewal for the Restart
  • Additional 3D Import features
  • User definable shortcuts

A detailed description of the new functionality is here available.

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