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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Powerful Sheet Metal Design on

Basis AutoCAD for Budget Price

Valley. data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH offers the powerful COPRA® MetalBender software modules as standalone version, including the basic software AutoCAD OEM 2010.

Today, the design and development and unfolding of 3D sheet metal parts is already included in many 3D CAD systems. These systems are on the one hand very powerful, but purchasing them is associated with relatively high costs. In addition to the investment in the required hard and software is the necessity of a qualified designer who can efficiently use such a tool.

data M offers now the COPRA® MetalBender Standalone including AutoCAD OEM 2010. The complete package – includes Solver (Unfolder), the 3D Design Module and HVAC (for Heating & Ventilation Parts) – is available for 2.950 Euro (including AutoCAD OEM 2010).

The COPRA® MetalBender Standalone version has not only low purchase costs, but also enables you to become proficient with its use within a very short period of time. Even complex parts can be quickly and easily designed with the help of “sheet metal design” adapted surfaces and the available design tools “Close Corner” and “Set Mitre Cut”, as well as the automatic generation of box geometries.

Your requirements are:

  • Working with a sheet metal module on basis AutoCAD without big investigation
  • Easy handling without training by use of the available documentation
  • Unfolding of imported 3D sheet metal parts
  • Comfortable 3D design module


What does COPRA® “Standalone” mean?

The Standalone version is a very well equipped and priced solution, because it includes AutoCAD as an OEM version. Therefore this solution is attractive for all those interested that do not already have their own AutoCAD license or those that are planning an additional CAD workstation

COPRA® MetalBender Solver Standalone

The unfolding module includes:

  • Calculation of neutral line according to DIN
  • Material properties
  • Machine dependent correction factors
  • Use company specific know how
  • Calculation of over-bend angle and -radii
  • Double sided flat pattern calculation
  • Taking "break-through" objects into account
  • Optimize points of intersection curves
  • User defined punching tools


COPRA® MetalBender 3D Standalone

The 3D design module including the unfolding module:

  • Exact and fast flat pattern calculation including all punch holes etc.
  • Design in 2D, automatic conversion into 3D
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Comfortable 2D view creation of solid models
  • Automatic dimensioning of the flat pattern and of all selected 2D views
  • Optimisation of the flat pattern data for easy NC-programming
Fig. 1: COPRA® MetalBender 3D Sheet Metal Part

COPRA® MetalBender HVAC Standalone

The module for heating and ventilation parts including the unfolding module:

  • Easy to use
  • Parametric 2D and 3D unfolding library
  • Quick modification by entering new parameters
  • Calculation of blanks - with all intersection curves
  • Curves represented as continuous lines or arcs
  • NC programming interface
Fig. 2: COPRA® MetalBender HVAC (heating and ventilation) Segment Elbow

COPRA® MetalBender Standalone

The complete package includes:

  • COPRA® MetalBender Solver (Unfolder)
  • COPRA® MetalBender 3D (3D Design and Unfolding Module)
  • COPRA® MetalBender HVAC (Heating and Ventilation including Unfolding module)

Complete package including AutoCAD OEM 2010 for 2.950 Euro

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