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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Clear, open and informative

data M presents itself with a new homepage

data M Website 1990

Valley. Communication has never been easier than it is today. A few keystrokes at the computer will inform you about a company, its products and services. One more click and you are connected to the company and can get in direct contact.

Just about twenty years ago, the World Wide Web (www) started its success story. Exactly on November 13th 1990, the first website went online.

First intended for intern scientific purposes, the www was released to public in 1993. Since then, it has developed into a global network and is expanding every day. Today, science, economy, politics and everyday life cannot be imagined without the uncountable possibilities of the internet.

data M – one of the first internet users

As the development of the internet was a socially revolutionary event, so was electronic mail. In Germany, e-mailing was offered by a company called “Compuserve” since 1991.

Albert Sedlmaier, manager of data M, remembers: “I think that we started using e-mails around 1992-1993. Before that, there was telefax which had come onto the market just a few years before. In German offices, it was only established in the late eighties; so not long before e-mail. data M was founded in June 1987. At that time, a sales representative came to the office to sell such a telefax device. Before that, we had to run to the post office for fax services. And even earlier, everything was carried out via letter mail and phone. Cell phones arose in 1992. I well remember the first cell phone we had at data M.” 

Since its release to the general public, the internet has been intensively used by industry and economy for portraying the own company. data M has been taking part since 1997. Back then, it almost belonged to the pioneers of the internet in Germany.

“When I take a look at our first homepage, I can see how inept and inexperienced we were at that time”, Albert Sedlmaier says, “Although the possibilities for designing were limited compared to today. You can notice technical progress in web design by observing the evolution of our different homepages.”

data M Website 2011

When the homepage becomes a seminar room…

“Today, we are able to interact directly via internet with our clients“, the manager of data M explains. “This is of enormous advantage for both parties. I am thinking about our online training services. Full calendars and different locations make it difficult to send design engineers to trainings. This is the reason why we offer online trainings, so called webinars, as of now. This way participants save time and expenses. A specialist of data M, who leads the seminar, and the participants meet at the ‘virtual classroom’. All participants sit in front of their own computers and watch the demonstration on the screen. Of course, participation is interactive which means that questions can be asked at every time. This way, customer specific issues can be handled directly.

The new homepage of data M convinces at first sight and surprises at second: It gives a light and organised first impression and offers good information. The navigation is extremely easy. However, when you take a closer look at the individual menu items the website turns out to be more elaborate. The extensive variety of technical information offers many details about the engineering services of the Bavarian software developer. The homepage is worth a visit.

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