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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Fully Integrated Range of Products & Services for Roll Forming

data M at EuroBLECH 2014 in Hanover

Valley. data M Sheet Metal Solutions started business operation in 1987 - offering a design software package for roll forming - COPRA® - which is meanwhile the worldwide standard for CAE software in roll forming industry. It covers parametric design, 3D options, roll tool management, and high-end finite element (FEA) simulation, including subsequent work steps like pre, post and in-line operations. More than 20 roll forming specialists are engaged in developing COPRA®, and a similar number in customer services, automation, and R&D. This is a warranty for continuous improvement of the roll form engineering software.

Fig.1: High-end finite element simulation with COPRA® FEA RF

At this year’s EuroBLECH, data M are highlighting a great number of new software features. One of such is the COPRA® Roll Management module. The use of standard rolls and the re-use of other existing rolls become more and more important, because it allows a significant reduction in manufacturing time and costs.

COPRA® Roll Management is an easy way to make stock roll information available and transparent. In addition, it enables the user to find matching rolls in the roll pool as well as the possibility to automatically search for fitting rolls in all stations.


From our early beginnings almost 30 years ago, data M has also been playing an active role in many Research & Development projects. The valuable experience gained in these projects is continually invested into new product development and enhancements. Thus, data M has matured to be a key supplier of various products in order to improve customer’s performance.

For example, the new portable profile scanning system COPRA® ProfileScan (CPS) has taken the market by storm since its first introduction at the last EuroBLECH show in 2012. We will be continuing the trend this year by presenting the new model of CPS for bigger profiles up to 200 mm in diameter, the CPS-200!

Fig.2: COPRA® PofileScan Desktop with Deviation Diagram

Another result of more than 15 years of research is data M’s CNC roll forming technology for the production of 3D profiles for e.g. automotive industry. The company collaborates and supports industrial implementation by performing all steps - from feasibility studies to complete machine building.

In the field of machine making, an engineering team at the subsidiary data M Scandinavia supports their German colleagues by complementing data M’s products, patents and great expertise on this promising new 3D roll forming technology.

Fig.3: data M 3D Roll Forming Technology

All data M products are fully integrated and interact with a common data base system. Among data M’s users are R&D centres, steel makers, small machine makers, design offices, custom or in-house roll formers, automotive suppliers or OEMs as well as big roll formers and tube makers.

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