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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Overview of the functionality of the COPRA® MetalBender family

For AutoCAD

COPRA® MetalBender Solver

  • Calculation of neutral line according to DIN
  • Material properties
  • Maschine dependent correction factors
  • Use company specific know how
  • Calculation of overbend angle and -radii
  • Bothsided flat pattern calculation
  • Take break-through objects into account
  • Optimize points of intersection curves
  • User defined punching tools
  • No training cost

COPRA® MetalBender 3D

  • User friendly handling
  • Exact and fast flat pattern calculation including all punch holes etc.
  • Design in 2D, automatic conversion into 3D
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Comfortable 2D-view creation of solid models
  • Automatic dimensioning of the flat pattern and of all selected 2D views
  • Optimisation of the flat pattern data for easy NC-programming

COPRA® MetalBender HVAC

  •     Easy to use
  •     Parametric 2D and 3D unfolding library
  •     Quick modification by entering new parameters
  •     Calculation of blanks - with all intersection curves
  •     Curves represented as continuous lines or arcs
  •     NC programming interface
  •     Genius compatible

For Inventor®

COPRA® MetalBender TD-i

  • Automatic creation of sheet metal parts
  • All designed parts are fully parametric
  • Automatic creation of the corresponding assembly
  • Flat pattern calculation for each individual part
  • All parameters of the flat pattern calculation for each individual part are pre-set.

COPRA® MetalBender Analyser-i

  • Flat pattern calculation directly inside the Inventor workflow, no external add-on package, no need for data conversion
  • Unfolding of solids created inside Inventor®
  • Unfolding of sharp-edged transitions
  • Automatic unfolding with or without bending technology (Calculation of the shortening factor or K-factor)
  • Shown in the unfolder window in Inventor® and exportable as a separate design
  • Corner and bending zone relief cuts
  • Interface for Cybelec / Delem / ToPs
  • Calculation mode according to DIN, machine data and position of the neutral line
  • Automatic calculation of the overbend angles taking the material's spring-back characteristics into account (can be chosen according to various methods)
  • Intersection point optimisation for laser manufacture can be selected
  • Smoothening of the unfolding
  • Transfer as DXF file to NC programs
  • Automatic corner recognition also for solids imported from other CAD-systems
  • Associativity solid-unfolding
  • Selection of bending tools for the design process
  • Flat pattern meets manufacturing standards