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Thursday, November 26, 2020

COPRA® MetalBender Solver

Top solution for flat pattern calculation of all kinds of sheet metal parts

Flat pattern calculation for everybody. COPRA® MetalBender Solver is a tool easy to use for anybody who designs and manufactures sheet metal bending parts with Autodesk Mechanical Desktop or AutoCAD. The COPRA® MetalBender Solver is perfectly integrated in the user environment of AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop and calculates the exact flat pattern geometry of 3D sheet metal parts including overbending angle and -radii. more..

COPRA® MetalBender 3D

Non-parametric 3D sheet metal part design and flat pattern calculation / unfolding, professional tool administration, punch and contour punch functionality

The COPRA® MetalBender 3D is based on the ACIS solid modeler integrated in AutoCAD or Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, the COPRA® MetalBender 3D provides the entire 3D functionality.

The powerful design utilities allow an easy and quick design of even very complex sheet metal parts. Flanges to be added can be filleted or sharp-edged, with or without relief cut as well as with a predefined offset from the reference edge. more..

COPRA® MetalBender HVAC

Design and unfolding of parts used in airconditioning, heating and ventilation, for transitions and ductings with 2D and 3D unfolding library

The 3. dimension for Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning: A fantastic software for the design of HVAC sheet metal parts. The COPRA® MetalBender HVAC has been developed from one of our best selling software - Genius Sheet Metal. more..