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Friday, October 30, 2020

Functionality of COPRA® MetalBender 3D

Default value definition

  • Definition of design parameters
  • User-defined layer control

Create base plate

  • Automatic creation of rectangular base plates
  • Automatic creation of any contour base plates

Flexible flange design

  • Sharpcornered flanges
  • Rounded flanges
  • Z-flanges
  • Profile-flanges
  • Contour-flanges

Flange design includes the following setup possibilities

  • Flange keeps outside dimensions constant
  • Flange keeps inside dimensions constant
  • Flange ist added to the edge
  • Distance from the reference edges
  • Offset from the reference edge
  • Relief cuts for outside and inside flanges
  • Save flange parameter in a data base

Powerful design tools for sheet metal parts

  • Easy design of sections dimensioned by intersection points
  • Apparent intersections of solid edges
  • Apparent intersections of solid faces and -edges
  • Angle calculation of two faces
  • and more...

Automatic design of box type shapes

  • Automatic calculation and creation of 3D box type shapes including the correct intersections from 2D-drawings

Automated close corner command with the features

  • Close corner in line
  • Close corner overlapping
  • Close corner with defined gap
  • Close corner with defined radius

Powerful editing tools for 3D solids

  • Stretch and trim solids
  • Stretch-rotation of bends (cylinders)
  • Slice solids
  • Modify any contour with instant update of the 3D-model
  • Automatic conversion of faces into polylines

2D-drawing creation

  • Automatic creation of 2D drawing views
  • Automatic dimensioning of the flat pattern

Automatic flat pattern calculation

  • Definition of sheet thickness from part, from material list or user defined
  • Calculation of the neutral line according to DIN, material data, machine correction tables or user-defined values
  • One- or double-sided flat pattern
  • Automatic calculation of intersection curves for break-through bodies
  • Minimize number of points in intersection curves by changing it into arcs
  • Minimize number of points in intersection curves by changing it into tangential arcs

Automated modification of the flat pattern

  • Tool library
  • Round stamp
  • Rectangular stamp
  • Square stamp
  • Fillet relief cut
  • Close contour between 2 edges
  •  Clean flat pattern automatically


  • Tool-library
  • Punchings and embossing
  • Extra relief cut for flanges
  • User-defined punch contours
  • Punch user-defined contours with integrated row-command

Flat pattern calculation

  • Calculation of theoretic spring back
  • Automatic smoothing of the flat pattern at transitions and corners
  • Automatic checking of the flat pattern at transitions and corners

Bending simulation

  • Create simulation model
  • Bending simulation by unfolding individual or all bends
  • Convert simulation model into 3D-model

Manufacturing interface

DXF- interface for the bending machine

Delem interface

TOPS interface

Cybelec interface