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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Blechnet Award

In the category "Innovative Machine Manufacturing" at the Blechexpo 2013 in Germany, data M's new product COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop was honoured.

COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop was developed within the European research project “RFexpert”, which is part of the European joint Programme "Eurostars". The German partners were funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF).

US-Patent No.: US 9,127,936 B2


COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop

COPRA® Profile Scan Desktop

Our innovative COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop is the ideal device for quality management of roll formed profiles. By contactless and non-destructive measurement with only one camera, it is particularly cost-effective and able to measure the whole visible cross section.

Laser Light-Section Principle: Precise and cost-effective measurement of roll formed profiles

Mainly optical profile scanners are used in quality management of profiles. There are a variety of measurement principles for different tasks.

Besides the mere technical requirements, cost effectiveness plays a major role. In general, the advantage of optical compared to tactile devices increases with the number of attributes to be measured.

With the so called Laser Light-Section Principle, a laser line is being projected on the profile, thus a Light Section is pictured. The sensor captures it and by means of triangulation, a 3D-cross section can be calculated.

What are the advantages of COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop?

COPRA® Profile Scan Desktop
Patented 360° measuring method

Two steps are necessary for the measurement of the profile surface. First, it needs to be digitalized, so the data can be processed afterwards.

Usually, optical devices are equipped with a sensor ring consisting of a variety of cameras. The COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop however works with our patented 360°-Method which allows mapping of the whole visible cross section with only one sensor and a turntable. Due to this setup, a simple and cost effective measurement is provided. The device can be easily integrated into the production process.

Reference Markers are being scanned along with the profile itself during the measurement process. After a complete turn of the profile, the integrated software then gauges all views to a single profile contour. The required algorithms are specifically tailored to roll formed sections.

Additionally, our method offers new possibilities for the measuring of profiles with slots. Although products are always scanned from the outside, the COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop allows mapping of large inside areas through small slots in the profile.

Furthermore, the contactless and non-destructive procedure is particularly suitable for sensitive and easily deformable materials.

What is COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop able to measure?

Profile Cross Section Scanning
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The device is able to scan open and closed profiles from the outside, weather they consist of steel, aluminium, wood, or plastic. The special purpose camera has a high dynamic range, so that a variety of different profile surfaces can be measured.

The COPRA® Profile Scan Desktop 80 can measure profiles with a maximum width of 80mm and length of 310mm. The COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop 200 is equipped with a double sensor and thus able to scan cross sections with a maximum width of 200 mm (length 760 mm).

Fast – precise – cost effective: The COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop

Scanning of Profile Cross Section
Scanning of profiles with slots:
Scanning of Profile Cross Section
Invisible area with ring having 4 sensors
Considerably reduced “dead range” with COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop
  • Only one (double-)sensor for 360° measuring required.
  • The COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop can be used on a Desktop.
  • Many possible views compared to a system with three to six sensors.
  • Even small slots in the profile allow measurement of large inner areas.
  • Contactless. Tactile measurements of profiles usually impossible.
  • Non-destructive measurement of profile cross sections: short sections up to 310mm can be used without cutting.
  • Premium robust sensor cabinet.
  • The COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop can be quickly assembled/disassembled. Comes with a transport case.
  • Direct connection to Laptop or desktop PC. No separate controller or external power supply required. 
  • Easy operation (Windows).
  • Measuring functions can configured individually.
  • Documentation of scanned results.
  • Algorithms are specifically tailored to roll formed profiles.

What kind of measuring functions does COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop offer?

Dimensioning of angles:

  • Line to line




Dimensioning of distances:

  • Point to point
  • Point to point, parallel to a line
  • Point to line
  • Point to arc
  • Arc to arc
  • Line to line, parallel to another line

Dimensioning of arcs:

  • Radius
  • Diameter


Tolerated dimensioning:

  • Declaration of tolerances for every
  • Monitoring of tolerances

Webinar: Scanning of Profile Cross Sections

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Part 1:
Inline and offline profile measurement by means of laser light-section principle

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Part 2:
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