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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Info Brochure

Blechnet Award

In the category "Innovative Machine Manufacturing" at the Blechexpo 2013 in Germany, data M's new product COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop was honoured.

COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop was developed within the European research project “RFexpert”, which is part of the European joint Programme "Eurostars". The German partners were funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF).

US-Patent No.: US 9,127,936 B2


CPS Release Notes

Version 4.3.0

  • Fixed: When trying to create a radius or diameter measurement the selection process would not complete automatically.
  • New: Spanish translations of the user interface and manual.
  • New: Added document Tips & Tricks (can be found in the start menu).

Version 4.2.0

  • Fixed: Rare crash at the end of a round measurement.
  • Fixed: The icon of the application would disappear from the task bar while the tolerances dialogue is open.
  • Fixed: The main window will now be activated when files are dropped onto it.
  • Fixed: Small bent contour elements (width < 1mm) were not or incorrectly used for automatic alignment.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when closing the application.
  • Changed: Improved automatic alignment of the point cloud to a model, if the profile is almost completely round.
  • Changed: When adding a new auxiliary element and selecting two points that were created from the same line, the midpoint of the two points is created instead of the connecting line.
  • Changed: Improved the quality of the point cloud at contour jumps (undercuts).
  • Changed: Reduced pauses during the scanning of wide profiles with the CPS200.
  • Changed: Project is now not marked as modified if the tolerances dialogue is cancelled.
  • Changed: When navigating back to the main menu and the project has unsaved changes, the point cloud will not be deleted any more.
  • New: Added option to switch the unit of measurement between millimetres and inches.
  • New: DXF-Files can be opened and saved as millimetres or inches.
  • New: Main views are marked with an orange dot while scanning.
  • New: Special function for ball tracks: If an area with four reference marks visible was scanned more than twice (turn back and forth again), the view with the most scan points will be selected as the main view.
  • New: Added commands to scale the project and model.

Version 4.0.7

  • Fixed: Sometimes, when creating a new bent region, after releasing the mouse button / lifting the finger, the region would not have auxiliary elements. These contour elements will be turned into straight contour elements now.
  • Fixed: The profile start marker was not moved besides the hairs on the printed deviation diagram.
  • Fixed: If a project was imported from a DXF file and then back to main menu was clicked and in the dialog that asks to save the project, "No" was chosen, the project was reloaded from the DXF file and was still displayed as not saved.
  • Fixed: Crash, when trying to change the point size in the "Manage projects" view (Ctrl + mouse wheel).
  • Changed: Enable limit auto adjust angle only if contour elements are present.
  • New: Keep the computer awake during a round measuring.

Version 4.0.6

  • New: Added traditional Chinese version of the manual.

Version 4.0.5

  • Fixed: Application would crash, if you tried to move the diameter or radius measurement of the enclosing circle.

Version 4.0.4

  • Fixed: The model was gone when using the delete points mode.

Version 4.0.3

  • New: Added a button to limit the angle that the point cloud is rotated when it is being aligned to the project.

Version 4.0.2

  • Fixed: If changing of a contour element was cancelled, the width was not restored.
  • Fixed: The y axis of the deviation diagram was not updated, when Autofit was toggled.
  • Changed: If a DXF/CPV file was imported (opened as a project) and Project->Save is executed, the "Save as" dialogue is shown.
  • Changed: The sign of the tolerances in the tolerance dialogue is always displayed. When switching input fields via the tab key, the entire content is selected automatically.
  • Changed: In the mode new auxiliary element, if a line and one of its end points is chosen, a perpendicular through the point, with the lenth of the line is created.
  • Changed: If a project is loaded, but not point cloud is present, the minimum and maximum will be displayed offset from the line / arc.
  • Changed: Zoom/pan of the y axis of the deviation diagram was locked, if Autofit was off. Zoom/pan of the y axis is always possible now.
  • New: When a DXF/CPV file is imported (opened as a project), gaps are created between the contour elements. If the contour contains elements that can be joined, a dialogue is shown, where you can select, if and which elements should be joined.
  • New: When a mode is active, the corresponding symbol is displayed at the bottom of the work area. Additionally in the modes "Delete points" and "Change contour element" two buttons are shown that can accept or cancel the respective action.
  • New: Images on buttons in the side menu are shown washed out if the button is disabled.
  • New: While a measurement is being dragged, the auxiliary elements, which define the measurement, are highlighted.
  • New: New measurement types: arc-arc-direction and point-arc-direction.
  • New: New auxiliary element type: midpoint on arc. Only usable to create new auxiliary elements, not for measurements.
  • New: If a project is loaded, but no contour elements are defined and a DXF/CPV file is opened via Project->Load, the model is imported into the current project instead of opened.
  • New: Added a toggle to limit the changes to contour elements to width and length only. Changes are limited automatically when a model is imported.
  • New: Angles can be displayed in whole degrees and minutes instead of decimal degrees.

Version 4.0.0

  • Fixed: The application would hang if the view was reset while many points were displayed.
  • Fixed: The dialogue to confirm the bending of a contour element was not displayed at the correct position, when the dpi value of windows was not set to 96.
  • Changed: Removed the width and height indications from the printouts.
  • Changed: Removed limitation of the zoom of the y axis of the deviation diagram to the outer most tolerance line.
  • New: Added linear scale.
  • New: Added start marker, for start of model/deviation diagram.
  • New: Limitation of the zoom when resetting the view to a minimum value.

Version 3.4.4

  • Fixed: Wrong alignment of point cloud to exclusively bended contour elements of open profiles.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions wrong scan points were removed in the first straight alignment contour element.
  • Fixed: The dialogue to choose if a contour element should be straight or bent was not shown for very flat arcs.
  • Fixed: If contour elements are exactly parallel (e.g. from DXF import), angle measurements were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: When a model was loaded, it was possible to create new contour elements.
  • Fixed: Wrong display of angle measurement if one of the lines was defined using the centre point of the other line.
  • Changed: Changed the colours of the print outs: measurements were made darker and the measuring field was made brighter.
  • Changed: Faster adjustment of the different views to each other.
  • Changed: Faster adjustment of the point cloud to model.
  • New: If no view is seen with four reference marks during a round measurement from one side, the marks for the views on that side will be highlighted.
  • New: The state (position, size, maximized) of the sensor view windows is saved.
  • New: Print of measurement results.
  • New: Drag&Drop files onto the window to open them.
  • New: Added hair diagram for comparison with model.
  • New: Show and hide the deviation diagram with a double click on the splitter.
  • New: During the round measurement the optimum octagon is displayed on the screen.
  • New: If during the round measurement points lie outside the octagon, they will be highlighted and the octagon will be red.

Version 3.4.2

  • Fixed: On rare occasions the point cloud was adjusted incorrectly to the second straight adjust contour element.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions there was a bigger gap between start and end of the round measurement.
  • Changed: Faster displaying of point clouds with many scan points.
  • Changed: In protocol files (e.g. Results<project name>.txt) the decimal delimiter, which is specified in the operating system settings, is used.
  • New: Load the points of a polyline from a DXF-file as a point cloud.
  • New: Printing of the deviation diagram.

Version 3.4.0

  • Fixed: Wrong profile direction, if a profile that is loaded as a model, contains arcs, which are bigger than 180°.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions crash when loading a DXF file with layer SCANPTS before model polyline.
  • Fixed: Visibility of layers changed on right click.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions crash, when the point cloud doesn't match the project.
  • New: Parallelization (multithreaded) of image grabbing, image processing, point cloud processing and displaying at scanning, so that Windows cannot interrupt measurement and round measuring has no gaps.
  • New: Not the best views are selected any more, but an averaging of scan points from different views is performed. (Increase of repeatability)
  • New: Faster adjustment of the different views to each other, so that the minimum angle between views could be reduced and considerably more views can be processed.
  • New: Sheet metal ends will not be rounded so much anymore, so that they can be measured better.
  • New: Most of the wrong scan points of double reflexions are being removed.
  • New: Measurement distance line to line in a direction: One of the first two lines can selected as the direction as well (selection of one line twice). The measurement will be perpendicular to that line.

Version 3.3.8

  • Changed: Measurements can be moved during definition.
  • Changed: Optimization of the alignment of profiles that consist only of arcs, for example round tubes.
  • Changed: Zoom of view will be matched to size of the project or model after load/scan.
  • Changed: In the project manager a project can be selected with keyboard as well.
  • Changed: Optimization of display of radius dimensioning.
  • Changed: Faster sorting of scan points during round measuring.
  • Fixed: Crash at DXF-Load, when open polyline is in wrong direction.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions highlighted points were displayed as small squares.
  • Fixed: Crash, when ProfileScan window is very small.
  • Fixed: Minimum and maximum will also be shown in project manager and with this associated errors are removed.
  • Fixed: On rare occasions crash during definition of new contour elements.
  • New: Scan points can be selected and deleted.
  • New: Point cloud can be stored in a DXF file even without a project.
  • New: After creating new contour elements those, which have no scan points inside, will be deleted, when there are new contour elements, which have scan points inside.
  • New: Warning window will be shown, if there are data transfer failures from a USB camera.
  • New: First alignment element can also be two short lines (lying on one line) in a long contour element.
  • New: Second alignment element can also be a bent contour element.
  • New: During round measuring the views that are already scanned will be marked (incl. number of found reference marks).

Version 3.3.7

  • Changed: Optimization of removing noisy scan points (outliers) and scan points that can be replaced by better ones.
  • Changed: When saving DXF, there now are 4 layers: APPROXCONTOUR (green), CONTOURELEMENTS (white), SCANPTS (red) und TEXT (white).
  • Changed: When loading DXF, the scan points will be loaded as well, if they exist.
  • Changed: Adjustment to DXF-Contour can be switched off.
  • Changed: New application icon.
  • Changed: If a DXF file is loaded via Project->Load, the poly line is converted to contour elements.
  • New: Separate menu item for loading a model from DXF/CPV.
  • New: Pin status of the side menu is saved.
  • New: When loading a DXF file that was previously exported from CPS, you can select from a dialogue what to load (model and point cloud, model only or point cloud as model).
  • New: Before saving or scanning the application checks for contour elements for aligning.
  • New: Point cloud can be converted to model (for comparison of two point clouds).
  • New: Icons for own file types and association with the software.
  • New: Point cloud can be moved and rotated manually. After this, auto adjustment to DXF (outlier points are ignored) or to project can be activated again.
  • New: If no project and no model is loaded and a point cloud is loaded or scanned, the smallest enclosing circle of the point cloud is displayed with diameter and radius.
  • New: Buttons in the side menu scroll if the window is not high enough.

Version 3.3.6

  • Fixed: When deleting one or more contour elements and loading a project file afterwards, some contour elements are not selectable.
  • Fixed: When exporting a DXF file, a crash would occur if the project contained maxima or minima.
  • Fixed: When importing a DXF file with clockwise polyline, deviation diagram was wrong (now the direction of polyline will be taken into account).
  • Fixed: The point cloud was cleared sometimes, when a sensor view window was opened or closed.
  • Fixed: When opening a point cloud from a "LastScan.pts" file, adjustment to DXF crashes.
  • Changed: Gaps between main views and additional views are closed.
  • Changed: After a round measuring completed, the colors of the points of the main views are dark and the ones of additional views are brighter.
  • Changed: When exporting a DXF file, contour elements, which contain only points that are also contained in another contour element, are not used.
  • Changed: Improved adjustment if point cloud and DXF contour are rotated against each other more than 45 degrees.
  • New: Only a single instance of the software can be started.
  • New: When clicking and holding the left mouse button over the deviation diagram, a red crosshair marks the corresponding point in the point cloud.

Version 3.3.5

  • Fixed: A DXF contour with large arcs is not centered properly sometimes.
  • New: Display an error message when load of project or DXF fails.
  • New: Added a file type filter for project and DXF files in the open project dialog.
  • Changed: Improved DXF file compatibility with DXF versions after AutoCAD R14 and load speed.

Version 3.3.4

  • Fixed: A crash, when loading a DXF file with an empty element (length = 0) in the polyline.
  • New: Center point cloud when loaded from a file and none or an empty project is loaded.
  • Changed: Reduced memory usage.

Version 3.3.3

  • Fixed: Straight auxiliary elements are sometimes not displayed correctly if there is no point cloud.
  • Fixed: The direction (sign) of the deviation of the points of some arcs is wrong.
  • New: Display profile from DXF as a separate object type, not as auxiliary elements.
  • Changed: Tracker in deviation diagram shows only point type and deviation value (rounded to three digits).
  • Changed: Improved selection logic for auxiliary elements.

Version 3.3.2

  • Fixed: When the type (straight/bent) of a contour element is changed in the dialog, that is displayed after the contour element was created/edited, the change is not persisted.
  • Fixed: A crash, when exporting a point cloud as DXF and no contour elements are defined.
  • Fixed: After deleting a measurement, some object types remain hidden.
  • Changed: Removed error if pixel clock less than or equal to zero.
  • Changed: Optimized loading of DXF files.
  • New: Deviation diagram added.
  • New: Translations for simplified and traditional Chinese.