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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

H3 - COPRA® RF Flower Technology

Engineering Calculation

The Flower Technology is an effective tool box for technical calculations.

COPRA® RF Flower Technology is extending the basic functionality of M1 - CORPA® RF Sections. It includes features like:

  • Exploded view of the flower with user-definable distance and various options
  • Spring back calculation according to Biswas and Oehler
    As the method according to Oehler is bound to fail with large bending radii, data M has integrated also the spring back calculation method according to Biswas. The latter one is, by the way, even more accurate.
  • Calculation of specific strategies like the so-called Down-Hill forming method (constant center of gravity or according to optimized and minimized strain values). You won't find such kind of methods in no other commercial software package, by the way.
  • 3D wire frame model for theoretical strain calculation ("2nd generation")
  • For a high accurate analysis of the roll forming process data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH is offering some more very specific software modules like COPRA® RF DTM (Deformation Technology Module) or COPRA® FEA RF (Finite Element Analysis) which are optional and not part of this module.

System requirements

What are the requirements for a successful operation of COPRA® RF ?
COPRA® RF is available for Windows operating systems and requires AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical (both registered trademarks of Autodesk).