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Thursday, November 26, 2020


COPRA® RF CADFinder is a document management system that allows to organize any files independent from a defined file structure on a storage device. To do so the user creates a nested project structure. The documents can then be assigned to a project in this structure via a document number. The organization of the documents and the assignment to the physical file path is done by a data base server (MS SQL-Server or MS SQL-Server Express in a single user environment).

Furthermore user defined attributes can be linked with projects and documents. This ensures a fast retrieving of documents via specific search functions. These attributes in the COPRA® version of CAD-Finder may also be used to complete the title block information in an AutoCAD template.

Also a structured view of projects (project manager) and belonging documents as any number of flexible working catalogues are available for displaying different search results. From here the individual documents can be opened, modified, completed with new attributes, copied and moved very easy and comfortable. The design of the structured view is similar to the Microsoft Windows-Explorer in order to guarantee an intuitive working in a well known environment. 

A revision control and workflow system is also available for the individual documents. So an older version of a document may be – if desired – saved before modifying in order to have access to previous releases of this document. The history of a file may be saved. The link to the respective project is maintained. So for a document multiple work situations may be saved. The workflow-system recognizes if a user open a document for edit and it will set the workflow-status to 'Modify', i.e. the document can just be opened for viewing by other users. If the editing is finished the user can set the workflow-status back and approves the document for edit. The user can define any number of workflow-states.