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Monday, November 30, 2020

M2 - COPRA® RF Trapeze/Corrugated

Software for Trapezoidal Sections

COPRA® RF Trapeze/Corrugated is the software package for the roll form designer working with corrugated or trapezoidal sections.

The package includes next to the functionality as in M1 - COPRA® RF Sections additionally:

  • Calculation of an optimised bending sequence for trapezoidal shapes
  • By calculation of a constant transverse material flow
  • Automatic roll design for trapezoidal sections (only in connection with the module H1 - Roll Design)
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Please have a look at our Video:
"CORPA® RF 2011- Trapezoidal FLower Tool"

System requirements

What are the requirements for a successful operation of COPRA® RF ?
COPRA® RF is available for Windows operating systems and requires AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical (both registered trademarks of Autodesk).