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Friday, January 22, 2021

M5 - COPRA® RF Drawing Dies

Software for Drawing Rings

COPRA® RF Drawing Dies calculates the forming steps required to draw a tube into special shapes.

At the moment it is the only software available for this specific problem.
It includes functions like:

  • Design of the final cross section (2D)
  • Calculation and design of individual forming steps (2D)

The design process is done in the following steps:

1) design of the final section
In the first step the final section needs to be designed. This can be done with the features provided by COPRA® RF or by using the basic CAD-system. In this case the outside contour of the section will be designed with CAD-functions and then its data will be converted for the use with COPRA® RF.

2) design of individual shaping steps
This is the most important - and also most difficult - step in the process chain. The shape of the drawing ring is determined by a number of sections through the ring. How many shapes will be used to create the drawing ring geometry can be user-defined. Beyond that a compression factor can be defined for each individual section of the drawing ring. With this option it is possible to get the necessary curvature.

With these information the computer program will calculate the individual sections as selected. As COPRA® RF does know the individual position of any arc at any time it can make sure that the material flow of the shaping process will be an optimum. It may not happen that the length of an arc is too short or too long as it used to happen during a design on the drawing board.
The result supplied by the program are closed shapes (poly lines) which can be processed by a real 3D-CAD-system .

Calculating the shaping process for drawing rings

System requirements

What are the requirements for a successful operation of COPRA® RF ?
COPRA® RF is available for Windows operating systems and requires AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical (both registered trademarks of Autodesk).