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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Product Overview

COPRA® RF Tubes is the advanced and worldwide leading software package for tube mill roll design.

It includes features as...

  • COPRA® RF CADFinder Project- and document-archive with revision control
  • COPRA® RF Projects may be parametrical, classic or a wire project
  • Integrated browser for easy navigation through the stations with station distance definition
  • Automatic nomination of the station types
  • Definition of the mechanical material properties
  • Control of the COPRA® RF Software via toolbars and/or ribbons
  • Calculation of static section characteristics
  • Definition of COPRA® RF bending sequences for automatic tube unfolding
  • 3D wire model for the calculation of the longitudinal strains (“simulation of the 2nd generation”)
  • Definition of necessary machine parameters
  • Definition of forming method setup (circular, 2-radius, W-forming, 4-radius, oval, others...)
  • Forming strategy setup
  • Setup of forming parameters
  • Roll design setup
  • Automatic flower design
  • Automatic and parametric roll design
  • Parametric modification functions for roll tools
defining the number of arcs for the forming method..
  • The flower setup can be done in a very flexible way. One section may consist of as much as 8 different arcs. For every individual arc angle, radius and arc length can be defined separately.
    For the fin passes it is also possible to define the fin- width dependent on the tube diameter.
  • Material additions such as profiling-, sizing-, welding- and strip guide additions can be entered depending on the tube diameter and strip thickness.
  • COPRA® RF also includes a software program for the calculation of the optimum down-hill forming curve. It has been shown that the widespread opinion that a constant gravity point was the optimum forming method is wrong.
  • A special purpose optimization program (COPRA® RF DTM) provides the possibility to minimize material strain. With this option the optimum forming curves for the individual passes (including cage forming) can be determined.
  • Verification of the design can be done with COPRA® RF FEA