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Monday, November 30, 2020

H6 - COPRA® Roll Lifecycle Management


As well as in other industries, roll forming companies have to find ways to reduce expenses in order to ensure competitive pricing on their products. Therefore data M offers a toolkit for its roll form design software COPRA® enabling roll forming companies to save tooling cost by flexible re-use of existing roll tools.

The COPRA® RLM database enables roll forming designers to store complete toolsets to a database in order to easily find and re-use rolls for other projects as well. The database is based on the industry standard Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 which allows for fast searching even in huge environments with a large number of rolls. The functionality of the RLM database has been fully integrated into the COPRA® workflow and could therefore be used with a minimum of additional effort.

The COPRA® RLM database provides tools to search for existing rolls based on easily defined search criteria and to use the found rolls in future designs. Further functions were implemented to create a bill of material of rolls to order (or rolls to produce), based on the current stock of rolls. This ensures that only the rolls needed additional to the rolls already on stock will be ordered or produced.

Beyond that, there are features to manage the company’s stock of rolls, e.g. to check out defective rolls, release rolls for re-working, etc.

By integrating measuring data from the COPRA® RollScanner, it is possible to monitor the
wear of rolls over a particular period of time, or to assess the general deploy ability of particular roll tools.

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COPRA® Roll Lifecycle Management is being presented by Stefan Freitag (General Manager data M) at the EuroBLECH 2012.

One more application in this context is the “Recycling” module inside the COPRA® RLM database: Rolls can be marked as rejected and are therefore available for re-working them for future projects, but not for profile production any more. Instead of manufacturing rolls out of blanks as usual, those rejected rolls can be used to produce the new roll out of them. The system will search for suitable recycling rolls for entire new projects at the touch of a button. Compared to the classic production of rolls out of blanks, apart from the material cost it is possible to save some process steps such as sawing, drilling or driving of the bore groove.

Overview of the functionality:

  • General Information:
    • Database engine: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008
    • Functions completely integrated into the COPRA® RF workflow
  • Managing the stock of rolls:
    • Automatic creation of ordering Bills of Material considering the current inventory of stock rolls
    • Grouping commonly used rolls in "Combi Rollsets"
    • Stocktaking functions: check out defective rolls, release rolls for re-working etc.
  • Use existing rolls for new Designs:
    • Easy-to-use search functions for common roll geometries
    • Searching rolls by means of relevant contour entities
    • Highly customizable roll lists
    • Comfortable functions to insert existing rolls into new designs including preview
    • Cross Reference List for rolls
  • Bill of Material:
    • Highly customizable Bills of Material
    • Rolls order List considering the current stock
    • Project Bill of Material considering assembly positions
  • Recycling roll search:
    • Searching rejected rolls or re-work for new designs
    • Transferring measuring data from the COPRA® RollScanner to the database
    • Customizable search (considering bore, max. difference in roll width, min. extra material for re-working etc.)

System requirements

What are the requirements for a successful operation of COPRA® RF ?
COPRA® RF is available for Windows operating systems and requires AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical (both registered trademarks of Autodesk).