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Monday, November 30, 2020

H4 - COPRA® RF Roll Technology

Software for Roll Manufacturing

Once the roll design is finished, the data often has to be processed rapidly so as to avoid time losses. The COPRA® RF process chain also covers this field.

  • automatic calculation of roller blank sizes taking into account the additions for diameter and widths
  • automatic calculation of finished roll weight, taking into account the bore hole details
  • cutting list and roller weight list can be exported in text format or WINDOWS Excel table format
  • NC data generation for the final roll contour in ISO format, DXF or full CNC code (module H5 only)
  • data exchange between different projects for an easy handling of combination tool-sets

Creation of a sawing/ cutting list

The 'COPRA® RF'-module "sawing list" will supply the dimensions of the blanks to be cut within seconds. It takes into account user defined addition for diameter and width of the blanks. Also a diameter list may be used. This will be an automatic run. The sawing list created may directly have a printer output so as to avoid a time-consuming search for the dimensions necessary for production and construction, at this point again, the operator may concentrate on more important tasks. The sawing list contains as well the weight of the stock material.
Optionally the data set can be imported into a spread sheet calculation program like Microsoft Excel.

Calculation of the final roll weight

The production of a roll set is no low-cost activity. Often it is very difficult for the designer to calculate a realistic price for the rolls as the roll weight cannot be calculated but only estimated. The problem with estimates is always their inaccuracy. COPRA® RF will automatically calculate the final weight of all rolls. Boring, keyway and chamfer of the roll bore will equally be deducted.
On the base of the calculated weight of the final roll set and the total weight of the blanks the volume of the material to be removed may be calculated. This information allows for an exact weight-cost calculation.
The result is also stored to disk and can be exported to spread sheet programs as well.

Generation of NC data files

The NC file format can easily be adapted depending on the specific machine used. The zero point and the working direction can be easily defined as well as the step numbering, the accuracy, the program end and the usage of the G02 and G03 parameters.
NC-data processing in COPRA® RF.

  • no contour tracing necessary any more; all roll tools are already stored in COPRA® RF's data base
  • all NC data can be processed at one single command - saves a lot of time
  • all NC data at highest accuracy
  • NC format can be set in order to adapt it to various machines
  • optinonally (not in this module): CNC technology providing the full CNC code ready to be processed to the turning mill

Combination tool sets (data exchange between different projects)

The increasing variety of forms of roll-shaped profiles with at the same time decreasing lot sizes will force the manufacturer to take far-reaching measures to streamline production. As the production of roll tools is on the one hand expensive and on the other hand cannot often be integrated into unit prices the application of combination tool sets is the obvious solution.
Manufacturing costs will be allocated to several orders and, thus, the utilization ratio will increase considerably. This might begin with the utilization of a tool set for the production of similar profile forms with different dimensions and in extreme cases lead to exclusive use of standardized shapes.
Each of those applications has its special requirements which COPRA® RF- in relation to the problem -takes into account. COPRA® RF provides the following functions:

  • Automatic adaptation of an existing profile flower to various dimensions. Profiles similar in form, thus, only have to be unfolded once
  • Combination of different, already unfolded profile halfs
  • Automatic combination of the roll tools
  • Documentation of the required spacer widths
  • Optimization of the required spacers relative to total length and weigth
  • Management of the roll stock by a professional database-management-system

Your advantage:

  • From now on, for a profile section e.g. in three dimensions you will only have to unfold one profile.
  • By simultaneous visualization (overlapping with different colours) of profile flower and basic dimensions of the roll tools you may detect at once where a roll has to be modified or spacers have to be inserted.

System requirements

What are the requirements for a successful operation of COPRA® RF ?
COPRA® RF is available for Windows operating systems and requires AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical (both registered trademarks of Autodesk).