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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Product overview of COPRA® RF WireRolling:

  • Project and document management system
  • Definition of the final cross-section by AutoCAD
  • Automatic definition of the round wire diameter
  • Automatic definition of flat round shape
  • Copy, move and delete individual forming steps
  • Calculation of the centre of gravity for each forming step
  • Manual and / or interactive definition of shaping steps
  • The degree of deformation in each forming step in reference to the next or previous station can be adapted by definition of a percent ratio (maximum material reduction in one forming step).
  • Automatic layout of the forming steps by specifying the start and end cross-section. The degree of deformation can automatically be specified and the maximum allowable reduction of the cross-section can be defined.
  • Automatic rotation of cross sections to widest horizontal dimen-sion to allow use of top- and bottom rolls when possible.
  • Automatic creation of top- and bottom rolls based on individual shapes with the possibility of interactive modifications of the roll contours.
  • In case of multi roll configurations including lateral and auxiliary rolls, the calculated cross sections is used as a base for interac-tive design of the roll geometries
  • Interface to the COPRA® FEA RF Software (finite element simulation) for detailed analysis of the forming process
  • Effective design features for a customised roll tool design
  • Interactive as well as highly automated functions
  • Automatic single roll dimensioning
  • Automatic assembly plan dimensioning
  • Automatic DXF- and NC- data creation for easy roll manufacturing
  • Automatic output of cultists, material lists etc.