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Friday, January 22, 2021


Black Art?

“COPRA® Roll Forming Software has initiated deep interest amongst all of us and has enabled us to learn more about the strategies involved in roll forming. Through the COPRA® Roll Forming Software, we have learnt that roll designing which was considered as 'Black Art' till now is now made simple through the scientific approach. We would love to know future developments in the COPRA® Roll Forming Software.“
(Dr. P. Shanmugam - Manager Corporate R&D, Tube Products of India)

Tooling Costs

“Since we have been optimising our rolls with COPRA® DTM (Deformation Tecnology Module) we were able to reduce our tooling costs drastically.“
(Matjas Knez, Alpos / Slowenia)

COPRA® RF & AutoCAD: Roll Design and CAD seamlessly integrated

“Due to the complete integration of COPRA® RF in AutoCAD the roll form designer gets a powerful and effective tool for his job. There is actually no need to switch between different applications like CAD program and calculation modules. Flower- and roll tool layout are seamlessly integrated – you can work on them just by mouse click. All required data like drawings or dxf-files for CNC programming are available at the press of a button – just for a single roll or the complete tool set. There is no need any more to grapple with bothersome repeating functions. An immense time saving for the tool engineer.“
(Mike Stenbrock - Roll Form Engineer, Wickede / Germany)

We are not only offering software...

COPRA® Roll Design Service
COPRA® Roll Analyse Service

Roll Design Services – Roll Tooling Analysis – Troubleshooting – Roll Tool Manufacturing and Set-Up

  • No experience in roll design?
  • No in-house capacity for roll tool engineering?
  • Want to minimize machine down time during set up?
  • You want to get a bit more independent from your machine vendor?
  • You want to profit from our expertise?

-> We design roll sets on request - optimised and verified by our design- and simulation software COPRA® DTM / packages COPRA® FEA RF.
-> We are analysing your existing roll tool sets in order to improve your production process. Starting from your existing drawings or (even better) from your actualtooling by scanning the real roll tooling by means of our COPRA® Roll Scanner, an optical roll inspection device developed and being distributed also by data M.
-> We are happy to assist you in troubleshooting in existing forming problems.
-> And last but not least: We are offering you the complete service – up to reworking your existing or supplying you with new sets of roll tooling.

As the leading engineering- and software company for roll form tooling our engineers have got the best tools for their business - COPRA® RF software.

COPRA® Roll Design Service

We design rolls for all kinds of tubes and open sections:

  • Design and conception of the flower
  • Longitudinal strain check
  • Check of material thickness during the roll forming process (for subsequent processes like hydro forming)
  • Roll Design
  • Generation of drawings (dimensioned single rolls and assembly plans)
  • Parts list, spacer lists, CNC programming, COPRA® archive files etc.

COPRA® Roll Analysis Service

We do not fight the symptoms but we are analysing the forming process in order to find out and their causes:

  • Analysis of existing forming and shaping passes
  • Analysis Report with suggestions how to solve a problem
  • Get the actual geometry of existing rolls by using our COPRA® RollScanner
  • Compare the designed roll withthe scanned roll (generating a so-called “fingerprint“ diagram)

What you get is:

  • A re-design of your flower pattern (if we have to derive the forming process from an existing tool set)
  • An optimization of the flower with COPRA® DTM (Deformation Technology Module) Analysis. Of course, your data are treated confidentially. You will receive rolls optimally designed for perfect production of your sections and tubes. You will also get the full history of your designs for your files and later reference.