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Thursday, January 21, 2021

F1 - COPRA® FEA RF Professional

F2 - COPRA® FEA RF Foundation

Analysis Software

COPRA® FEA RF is used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elastoplastic calculation.

P2-P8 - COPRA® FEA RF Parallel Options

Option to COPRA® FEA RF

If a complex roll form process is being simulated, the calculation time can be quite long. In order to reduce the simulation time, you have the possibility to distribute the calculation to more than one processor at the same time.

F3 - COPRA® FEA RF WireRolling

Analysis Software

In addition to the purely geometric aspect, there are other factors that play a by no means negligible role. These include the fact that the material lengthens when it is formed, and can be very difficult to force into the border regions.

COPRA® FEA RF BendTester

Advanced Material Testing for Roll forming

For the investigation of the material parameters the results of a test with the COPRA® FEA BendTester are imported into an optimization software which does the calculation of the suitable input parameters for COPRA® FEA RF. Thus the bend test allows an improvement of the simulation results due to adapted material data.