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Friday, December 04, 2020

F1 - COPRA® FEA RF Professional

F2 - COPRA® FEA RF Foundation

Analysis Software

COPRA® FEA RF is used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elastoplastic calculation.

COPRA® FEA RF Simulation

In the past roll forming used to be treated as a "black art". Difficulties such as appearing faults and problems in setting up new roll sets on the mill were not uncommon. In a trial & error approach one had to produce a whole roll set and do the machine set-up in order to find potential weaknesses in the rollforming process - a costly and time-consuming approach causing undesired machine down-times.

data M has been aware of this problem from an early stage and has concentrated their efforts into developing a simulation program to overcome these problems. It is now possible to predict the practical results with high accuracy with COPRA® RollForm Simulation Technology.

Simulation of the calibrating process

A 2-step philosophy

data M offers two different software programs for simulating the roll form process -

  1. a static solution, based on the theory of thin shells (COPRA® RF DTM - Deformation Technology Module))
  2. a non-linear Finite Element Analysis (COPRA® FEA RF – Finite Element Analysis for Roll Forming)

"The virtual tube mill"

Non-linear Finite Element Analysis

With the COPRA® FEA RF module data M continues to supply highly efficient software packages tailored to the roll forming industry´s needs. The program imports data directly from COPRA® RF and it provides essential information about forces, torques, stresses, strains and a 3D-visualization of the final product showing possible later deformations. As a matter of fact, this module can be regarded as a "virtual roll forming mill" that allows the user to try out new roll sets even before the actual manufacturing process.

COPRA® FEA RF can be operated easily and runs on any personal computer. It does not require any time-consuming pre-processing or difficult post-processings. It is tailored to the roll former´s needs - as are all of data M COPRA® RF products.

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