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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

COPRA® RF 2011 - New Functions

This webinar (WE2) was presented by data M on 04.08.2011. Following topics were presented:

Parametric Flower Design in COPRA® RF

In COPRA® RF 2005 a parametric module for flower design was introduced for the first time known as COPRA® SpreadSheet (CSP). Until the 2009 version of COPRA® RF (CRF) this was a separate module, connected via an interface and initialized manually. data M repeatedly pointed out that the aim is to integrate CSP entirely in COPRA® RF: “CSP should no longer be a separate program, a parallel running application, but instead an additional view on one and the same database”.

In COPRA® RF 2011 data M has achieved this aim. COPRA® RF features a new type of project that offers precisely this functionality.
You see how to:

  • Create parametric projects
  • Converte “classic/old” projects to parametric COPRA® RF projects
  • Use the new SpreadSheet features and functions effectively

3D Options

Flower and rolls can now be shown three-dimensionally.
You see how to:

  • Present flower and rolls in a 2D and 3D view
  • Use the optical roll collision controle by fading in previous and next stations
  • Define the distance between stations over CADFinder


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