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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

COPRA® RF SmartRolls

“SmartRolls” are a powerful tool to make the process of roll designing much easier and faster. The layout of the roll tooling is still very often the most time consuming part of the design. As more and more sections are going to be simulated with COPRA® FEA RF prior to roll making, a quick and effective roll design and adaptation is very important. By using the new “SmartRolls” functionality the design time can be reduced by up to 50%!

We were focusing on these topics:

  • Edit roll dynamically
  • Show and make use of all virtual profile and roll intersection points
  • Reference points for exact dimensions
  • Grid values for precise graphical input
  • Adjust gaps, relief angles, radii, …
  • Modify rolls in a table
  • Create a roll dynamically along the profile
  • Move, copy rolls with user defined reference points and automatic alignment to roll axis
  • And a lot more…

The webinar gives an overview on the new COPRA® RF SmartRolls.
This webinar (WE24) was held on 17th September 2015 by data M (UK).


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