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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

COPRA® RF 2011 Workflow Videos

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Part 1: CADFinder and Creating a Profile

  • Create Project
  • Import Profile from AutoCAD
  • Modify Profile in Spreadsheet
  • Redo / Undo Functions

Part 2: Unfolding in SpreadSheet

  • Add Stations
  • Create bending sequences
  • Join Entities
  • Automatic unfolding
  • Trapezoidal bending sequence

Part 3: Initial Assesment of Flower in DTM (Deformation Technology Module)

  • Setting calculation parameters in DTM
  • Looking at strains in the DTM module
  • Spotting areas of concern

Part 4: Optimising with DTM  (Deformation Technology Module)

  • Adding stations to flower
  • Change plane of unfolding
  • Simulation of strains with DTM

Part 5: Dynamic Unfolding - Springback Pass

  • Unfolding dynamically while preserving the geometry of subsequent stations
  • Adding a springback station
  • Changing station attributes

Part 6: Flat Pattern Hole Editor

  • Creating a 2D punched sheet
  • Inserting a row of holes
  • Inserting individual holes
  • Creaing 3D Modell
  • Adding holes to the flower

Part 7: Free Designed Rolls

  • Creating axes automatically
  • Creating rolls out of polyline
  • Modifying Rolls

Part 8: Classic Roll Design with Entities

  • Creating roll entities automatically
  • Modifying roll entities
  • Creating roll entities with crosshairs
  • Creating roll groups