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Saturday, January 23, 2021

COPRA® RLM SmartSearch

To handle time pressure between incoming orders and delivery, engineers often resort to copying CAD drawings of standard rolls into the new design. In some cases, time can be saved compared to defining roll parameters and searching the data base. But the roll will then not be available as a COPRA® object. That means that the complete roll design has to be converted in case of a required FEA-simulation. Also, the composing of order lists and other steps cannot be processed automatically.
The actual advantages of an efficient stock management are therefore reduced to absurdity. Additionally, further costs arise due to production and stocking of supplemental rolls.

RLM SmartSearch allows a fully automatic search of the relevant rolls simply by clicking on the profile element. The user can then select the matching rolls from the visually displayed search results. Definition of roll parameters in this way becomes obsolete and up to 30% of designing time can be saved. Additionally, it unburdens stock management and the life cycle of a roll can be traced in detail.

The webinar gives an overview on the new COPRA® RLM SmartSearch.
This webinar (WE25) was held on 19th November 2015 by data M (UK).


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