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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Integrated Solution Concept for Roll Formers (Design & Simulation)

Simulating the roll form process is a definitive strength of COPRA® FEA RF. The perfect link between COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF is the base for a quick and easy model preparation. For this reason an FEA simulation can be launched with only a minimum of additional effort and time once a roll design has been finished.

However, only simulating the roll form process is not enough – today the simulation of the complete manufacturing processes becomes more and more important. Different technologies like punching, embossing, welding and stretch bending are used to produce complex parts in a more and more automated process. Subsequent calculations like “Crash Simulations” depend on a good description of the product properties of the individual roll formed components.

  • The solution: COPRA® FEA RF!

In this webinar we will illustrate how COPRA® FEA RF is also designed to simulate each of these individual production steps. With examples from practice we will also show how vital continuative calculations are, for example with stretch bending, that the roll form process of the base profile is properly simulated. It this context it is also very important that the respective results from the roll form simulation can easily be used.

This webinar (WE28) was held on 16th June 2016 by data M (UK).


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