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Friday, April 10, 2020

Learning online!

In 2010 we started our data M „Webinars“ on a regular basis. We will continue holding the online trainings (free of charge) also in the future.

A data M specialist holds the webinar and all participants form the “virtual classroom”. Each participant sits at their own computer and follows the presentation of a topic on screen. The oral explanation of the speaker to what is shown on screen is communicated over the internet (VoIP). Participants can ask questions in a chat window.
Each webinar deals with a specific topic and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

We will announce our webinars on this web site and on the event calendar. You can register for webinars via the website and if you wish, we will also inform you of an event by e-mail. You can be registered for a webinar at a mouse click!

Our next webinars

23 April 2020
Webinar English

Lander is already in the starting blocks for another round of life-hacks. In this 20-minute session you can learn a few simple tips and tricks which make working with COPRA® FEA RF more proficient and fun. Join Lander on April 23rd, 2020 for these webinar highlights:

  • Automatic report, how to create user specific setup
  • Defining a user specific free cut position and geometry
  • Drawing dies as station entry support
  • How to overcome difficulties in defining the meshing reference with flowers with material additions/calibration or change of unfolding point
  • Fast analysis to define the position of the bending areas in the mesh
  • middle mouse button for help
  • new animation area
  • e-mail notification

At the end of the webinar there will also be some time for your questions. Please register here: