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Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2019

data M Sheet Metal Solutions Hosts First U.S. Based Rollforming the Future® Seminars

data M Sheet Metal Solutions, the world renowned German software company, has held their first North American based Rollforming the Future® seminars in Chicago and Salt Lake City a few weeks ago.  This is in addition to their global roadshow they have offered recently in India, China and Vietnam to name a few places.

The seminars were broken into a two day focus, with day one primarily looking into the current state of the art software techniques of developing Roll-Formed parts, by use of their very own and revolutionary COPRA® RF (design) and COPRA® FEA RF (analysis/verification) software packages. In addition the revolutionary 3D/Flexible Roll-forming process was demonstrated and how data M has been helping this emerging technology to gain prominence around the world of automotive component manufacture. Finally the very new and exciting methods of laser inspection were discussed, with a live demonstration of data M’s recent addition to its hardware family, the COPRA® ProfileScan desktop.

Whereas day 2’s “taster sessions” offered, new, existing and prospect customers to try out new and exciting features within the software itself to a sufficient level, whereby they were able to go away and demonstrate to their colleagues new ideas and techniques.

For prospect clients, there was also the availability of a demonstration package for them to trial successfully at their plant. Due to the modular capabilities of the software, both Open Profiles, Tube, Shaped Tube and Cage Mill configurations were experienced during the event, thus there was essentially something for everybody.

Albert Sedlmaier, founder and Managing Director of the company data M Sheet Metal Solutions, was joined by Carl Stephenson, Managing Director of their UK operation, as the speakers for the event.

The seminar included a complete demonstration of the COPRA® design workflow, illustrating the development of a roll formed part, tool design and optimisation process in conjunction with COPRA® FEA RF.  Showing many of the key benefits of such a powerful software tool in today’s modern industrial Roll-forming applications, namely cost and savings as well as the ability to develop right first time tool sets.

Given the amount of positive feedback from attendees to these events, and due to the fact not everyone could attend, data M hope to host these sessions on a more frequent basis in America.

One attendee stated, “It’s quite clear, a powerful software tool such as this could show us we have been doing things wrong for the last 30 years, this would certainly save us time and money!” Another said, “Being able to sit down with the guys from data M allowed me to ask question about a scenario and then see the answer demonstrated to me with the software itself, very beneficial for an end user”

Besides conducting international seminars and events periodically throughout the year, data M Sheet Metal Solutions offers software training sessions for all of their modules on-line, at any of their facilities around the globe or at a customer’s location.

data M Sheet Metal Solutions has its global headquarters in Oberlaindern, Bavaria, with offices in America, the United Kingdom, Poland, Scandinavia and India.  As well as providing software for the Rollforming industry they also provide everything from comprehensive design, analysis and feasibility services to this sector.

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