Why Wire?

….Because you can find wire everywhere!

Can you imagine a world without intricate wiring within your electronic devices, wire ropes bearing heavy loads or high voltage power cables? Wires are used as automotive components, construction reinforcements, or even delicate medical instruments and in many other fields.

A wire may look simple, but often there is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process like “Wire Drawing” or “Wire Rolling” behind. The final wire cross section, may it be round or a complex shape, is mostly incrementally formed by drawing dies or rollers out of round or rectangular wire.

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The more complex a product gets, however, the more complex and sensitive also the manufacturing process gets.

In session 12 of our COPRA Virtual Conference series Johann Harraßer will show you how you get consistent diameters and flawless finishes using our CORPA RF and COPRA FEA RF WireRolling software.

You will see how you can use the software to:

  • determine the shape of the forming stations
  • calculate the initial wire diameter
  • simulate the forming process
  • verify and optimize your tool design

Following the 20-minutes presentation, our team is looking forward to answering your questions during a 10-minutes Q&A session.

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  • Johann Harraßer 

    first started his career in 2000 with an apprenticeship as metal worker (construction technology). Later he studied mechanical engineering at the TU in Munich where he graduated from in 2011 as Dipl.-Ing. In the same year Johann joined our team as simulation engineer. In this role he covers numerous tasks such as software development (COPRA FEA RF), simulation of special processes (welding, wire rolling), he works in development projects for the digitalization of RF equipment, CAE based design of 3D RF systems, commissioning of 3D RF systems and application of COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF within service projects. Johann also participates regularly in technical conferences in the field of sheet metal forming and roll forming and runs trainings and workshops for our clients.