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COPRA Virtual Conference

It’s time to talk roll forming! In this online conference series specialists from various disciplines present and explain latest technical developments for your business success.

Our interdisciplinary team will look at roll forming from multiple perspectives: We share best practices in everyday roll form design, demonstrate new COPRA software features but also discuss topics of digital transformation in our industry.

Our specialists are developing tailor-made solutions for your entrepreneurial success.

Long gone are the days of paper drawings: With the first version of our COPRA RF (Roll Form) design software we used to pioneer in our industry. Today our COPRA products have become indispensable in the roll forming world.

COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF digitized the design process and thus revolutionized the exchange of data across the organization. Now, manufacturers can move rapidly from design department to shop floor and back again as changes come through from the engineering team. Working with COPRA software also allows easy transfer of know-how within a team and transfer of data from COPRA to CNC machines for example. This workflow boosts productivity and allows projects to move much faster.

With increased digitalization today, classic CAD models are gradually being replaced by so-called digital twins. Combined with effective simulation tools, like COPRA FEA RF, they become a powerful tool to virtually validate a forming process, put new mills into operation or to fine-tune the production control for a new set of forming tools.

In the course of this conference series, we invite you on a journey through our COPRA Universe that beckons extraordinary possibilities for our industry: Starting from proven CAE software programs for the design and simulation of the roll forming process up to newest technologies like Internet of Things, sensors or smart devices, digital twins, data mining or BlockChain technology.

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8 COPRA & 3D Roll Forming

For Session 8 of the COPRA Virtual Conference series, Simulation Engineer Johann Harraßer will tell you more about our latest COPRA software developments inspired by 3D Roll Forming.


For Session 7 of the COPRA Virtual Conference series, design engineer Dr. Krzysztof Szarowicz invites you learn more about the adavantages of COPRA Roll Lifecycle Management.

6 A Diverse Range of Services

For Session 6 of the COPRA Virtual Conference, project manager Peter Steinacker invites you to his world of roll design services – which presents itself as diverse as our range of customers.

5 COPRA RF - three-dimensional space

COPRA RF is an effective design tool with simple usability in the two-dimensional space. COPRA RF, however, also opens the door to another dimension - the three-dimensional-space - and thus widens the designer’s horizon.

4 COPRA ProfileScan Systems

data M has introduced numerous innovations towards intelligent sensor technology and measuring devices in recent years - an important element for digitalization in roll forming.

COPRA FEA RF behind the Scenes: Smarter Simulations with Mapping Technology

3 Smarter Simulations with Mapping Technology

Session 3 will focus on one of the latest technologies data M´s experts have been working on – Mapping. Mapping technology allows for a smarter use of our software and is the base for many of our new features.

2 Roll Tool Design Service

The focus of this event will be on services for welded profiles. You will learn, how we use our own software tools to detect and visualize possible defects in the manufacturing process with COPRA FEA RF and how the simulation results can be later…

1 Designing Roll Forming Tooling

Using a roll formed profile as an example, our design engineer Lander Arrupe will show you in this 20-minutes workflow demonstration how you how you can make the design process as effective as possible by using COPRA RF and how you can save cost and…