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Whole Process Chain of Roll Forming

COPRA RF comprises the entire engineering process of roll forming - from calculation and flower design to roll tool design, part lists and tool production. Furthermore, a comprehensive database management system for profile and tool management has been integrated. All program modules give access to a central COPRA RF database.

COPRA FEA RF is used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elastoplastic calculation.

COPRA ProfileScan

maximum flexibilty with 360° measuring method

The device is able to scan open and closed profiles from the outside, weather they consist of steel, aluminum, wood, or plastic. The special purpose camera has a high dynamic range, so that a variety of different profile surfaces can be measured.

The COPRA ProfileScan 80 series can measure profiles with a maximum width of 80mm and length of 310mm. The 200 series is equipped with a double sensor and thus able to scan cross sections with a maximum width of 200 mm (length 760 mm).

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Christmas Holiday 2023

Dear COPRA-Community,

We would like to inform you that our office will be closed during the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year.

Application Areas of Roll Forming