Roll Tool Design Service – Just a Service or Something More…

Welded Tubes

Ask any of our colleagues for a reason why they like working at data M and one answer you will definitely get is „it’s never getting boring”. 

Design engineer Krzysztof Szarowicz couldn’t agree more. He is passionate about roll forming and - for over a decade already - has been working on some of the most exciting and challenging design projects the industry is facing.


The focus of this event will be on services for welded profiles. You will learn, how we use our own software tools to detect and visualize possible defects in the manufacturing process with COPRA FEA RF and how the simulation results can be later used to optimize the roll design.

Be prepared to see some „before” and „after” examples and some best practices our team has been working on.

During this 20-minutes COPRA Virtual Conference event Krzysztof will show you why you will get much more than “just a service” and why our team has become a valuable partner for our clients and research institutions worldwide.


  • Dr. Ing. Krzysztof Szarowicz studied at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Poland). With his thesis “Analysis of Deformations of Cold Rolled Profiles Used in Cars” he obtained his post graduate degree in sheet metal forming in 2008. Krzysztof worked at the university as research engineer before joining data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH in 2009. As Design Engineer, he is working on complex design projects for open, closed and welded sections. Krzysztof loves travelling around the globe giving customer support and trainings for international clients – and of course offers these services also online.