The Journey to “Right First Time” Roll Tool Design

Whether we are conducting analysis services or training our clients to use our software themselves, we pride ourselves upon our approach to the modern-day challenges of roll forming for both simple and complex profiles. 


During this session our focus will be on Open Profiles - but no ordinary profile - a complex shape, with High Strength Material and in addition a hole pattern to consider.

Long gone are the days of trying to find the needle in the haystack during roll tool design and development at the machine. By using a structured approach within the COPRA workflow, we are now able to find the root causes of many issues and problems we are facing and maybe even designing “into” our roll trains.

In his 20-minutes presentation Carl Stephenson will show you a state-of-the-art approach to Roll Design, simulation and optimization with the latest COPRA Software platforms.

During this practical example session, he will illustrate how the designer can very quickly benefit and easily identify problems within the simulated roll design, using a selection of tools available within the platform to do so, how to then validate different ideas and approaches to eradicate these issues to arrive at a “Right First Time” roll tool design.

At the end of the presentation, we are happy to answer your questions during our Q&A session.


  • Carl Stephenson

    Carl Stephenson first started his Roll Forming career in 1994 as an apprentice with the former Equator Wheels and Sections. He worked firstly as a roll form machine operator, followed by time spent in their tool room as a lathe and CNC operator manufacturing roll tools, prior to joining the design and development team where he began his COPRA journey. 

    Since then, he became a Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, (dissertation upon Roll Tool Design and Development), whilst continuing his Roll Forming career, in both the design and development of steel partition systems with EWS.

    Following a short stint with the Hadley Group, he then joined data M to head up our UK operation and North American sales and COPRA training.  He is also very active within the design and development area, providing roll tool design and analysis service to the UK, North American and beyond, with well over 2000 tool sets under his belt, he certainly likes a challenge and utilizing the many benefits of both COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF within service projects.