COPRA FEA RF 2019 NOW Available


With over 20 years of FEA simulation experience in research and industry our specialists have contributed to the COPRA® FEA RF continuous improvement.

The target of the new 2019 version is to:

  • Reduce simulation time
  • Reduce results analysis time
  • Improve the usability of the software from a roll forming industry perspective.

New Features and Improvements include:


  • COPRA FEA User's Guide
  • Automatic Report Feature
  • Simulation End Station
  • Improved hole meshing capabilities
  • Reduced Calculation time

COPRA FEA RF WireRolling

  • Definition of Line Tension with Pulling Forces
  • Definition of Annealing Stations
  • Adapt Remesh Settings
  • Model Info is now Available

Our new website or our release notes offer a brief description of improvements and new features of the 2019 release.