COPRA FEA RF 2023.2 - Release


The new 2023.2 focus on fixing issues to ensure the continuous improvement of the software and a more robust basis for the developments to come and introduces new post-processing tools to better investigate end flare in roll forming processes.


Post-Processing Tools to Investigate End Flare:

Roll forming induces residual stresses which are then released during the cutting process of the profile, causing the profile ends at the cut-off to undergo additional deformation.

COPRA FEA RF 2023.2 introduces the possibility to display the geometrical differences between the profile before and after the cutting process by means of contour and vector plots.

This new set of post-processing tools helps designers to better understand and visualize end flare defects in the profile.


Improved support for high-resolution monitors:

Copra FEA RF graphical user interface support for high resolution monitors has been improved. The software is now able to correctly scale and make its appearance consistent regardless of the resolution of the monitor at use. 

Additional Developments and Notes

  • Dark Theme introduced to all types of COPRA FEA RF plots
  • Marc/Mentat 2023.1 included (also for COPRA FEA RF WireRolling)
  • Improved Software Stability and Usability