COPRA RF 2021 NOW Available


We are happy to announce the release of COPRA RF 2021.

As you know, COPRA RF is an extremely powerful tool for the development of roll formed products. To meet the increasing complexity of today’s design tasks our software engineers are paying very close attention to the design process itself. With every new release, our team provides a more advanced design environment that gets closer to fulfilling the designer’s demands and dreams.


  • SpreadSheet Virtual Station - Enables the user to create a “virtual station” that is only visible in the spreadsheet environment to perform multiple changes to one profile element.
  • Project Search in CadFinder - More efficient project database handling, providing access to projects and files through keyword search.
  • Comparing of Flower sequence from different projects - Offers the possibility to compare the flower and respective forming sequence between different projects and the design state.
  • New Material Database - Allows the user to easily create material entry with relevant material properties, for the profile, rolls and parts, with profile material being taken through to FEA where available.


  • Expanded Smart Roll Possibilities - Enhanced, more efficient use of the copy and move feature, not only between the station and axis, but now across all stations.


  • AutoCAD 2021 support
  • Inventor 2021 support offers a brief description of improvements and new features of the 2021 release.