The new 2024.1 version focuses on elevating the user experience by introducing cutting-edge features, refining existing functionalities and increasing simulation efficiency.

Please refer to the Release Notes below to read more about all new features and improvements in COPRA FEA RF.


Simulations with Solid Shell Elements:

With improved support for Solid Shell Elements, roll forming processes can now be simulated even more efficiently. In this version, we have optimized the use of solid shell elements, allowing for successful simulations of roll forming processes while significantly reducing calculation times. Additionally, COPRA FEA RF 2024.1 allows for the seamless integration of solid shell Elements into the design workflow, utilizing existing functionalities already available for Solid Elements.

This enhancement brings several key benefits:

Reduced Calculation Times: Solid shell elements offer faster simulations while delivering identical result quality, providing an efficient solution for your analysis needs.

Versatile Tool Utilization: Now, you can employ the same set of functionalities that were previously available for solid elements, such as automatic report creation, ensuring consistency and familiarity in your simulation workflow.

Restart of Simulation: Restart of simulations with modified rolls is supported. For situations where a change of mesh is required, conversion from solid shell elements to solid elements and subsequent restart is available.  

Upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of these improvements and streamline your roll forming simulations with solid shell elements.


Comprehensive Overview of the Complete Roll Forming Line with RF Line Results:

(Professional Version)

RF Line Results allows the user to have a look at the complete roll forming line, introducing a new way to analyze the results. In COPRA FEA RF simulations, in order to reduce calculation time, only a portion of the metal sheet is simulated. As a result, only a portion of the roll forming line is filled with the metal sheet at a given time. This feature automatically gathers those portions and combines them, offering a more comprehensive view over the entire forming process. Additionally, tooling related results are displayed directly on the rolls.

Gain a holistic understanding of the entire process, identify potential issues, and optimize your tooling.


COPRA Process Control with Live Snapshot of the Last Formed Station:

(Professional Version)

In COPRA Process Control, the last formed station is visualized using with the new cross-sectional and 3D snapshot technology. As the simulation runs, this window provides a dynamic display of the last formed station, offering users a real-time understanding of the roll forming simulation current status. This visual aid is also available via Email, improving monitoring and accelerating decision-making during simulation runs.

Additional Developments and Notes

  • Export of Simulated Profile Results to Abaqus (Professional Version)
  • End Flare Results in Automatic Report
  • COPRA Model Navigator Replaces Select Visible Stations Dialogue
  • Forces and Torque Represent Values for Whole Part in the Case of Symmetric Simulation
  • Strain Results Available in Local Coordinates
  • Roll Forming Line Speed -> average line speed and designed line speed added to the plot
  • Plots Interactivity -> when hovering over a plot the corresponding curve name and values are displayed directly on the plot
  • Marc/Mentat 2023.3 Included (also for COPRA FEA RF WireRolling)
  • Improved Software Stability and Usability