data M First Company to Combine Measurement and Simulation Data on Single Platform

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Valley, 6. Feb. 2020 The German roll forming specialist data M pushes the integration of its products even further and is now the first company to offer a solution that combines measurement and simulation data on one platform. Data from both simulation and quality control can be aggregated, evaluated and reused for design.

This is reflected for example in the interaction between the market-leading design software COPRA RF, the simulation software COPRA FEA RF and the optical profile measuring device COPRA ProfileScan. data M at Tube 2020 in Dusseldorf demonstrates that the sheet thickness can be analyzed even if it is a closed profile. The profile scanner measures the outer contour while COPRA FEA RF simulates the sheet thickness. The combination of both provides the designers with an overall picture of the profile geometry.

The close integration of all COPRA products allows for the early detection of errors, provides a deeper insight in the manufacturing process and offers significant optimization potential at the border between design and manufacturing.

Managing Director Max Sedlmaier comments on the product strategy of data M: "Due to the progress in integrating our products over the years as well as new, data-driven technologies, we can offer our customers future-oriented solutions leading towards a 'smart factory'".

At TUBE 2020 data M also presents further enhancements of the "Automatic Report" module introduced in COPRA FEA RF 2019. New in “automatic reporting” is that simulated results like “cross sections” or “shaft deflections” are being presented in the designer’s language. The result quantity “sheet thickness” has been implemented according to customer requests.

The reporting module is continually being developed into an autonomous analytics tool. It identifies areas with the highest forming forces or stations with forming energy deviating from the design parameters. Using the data provided by Automatic Report, designers can check the stations individually and compare them with results from other applications.

About data M

data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH specializes in software solutions and services for roll formers. The programs COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF are the leading solutions for design and simulation worldwide. The company also offers the optical measuring systems COPRA®  ProfileScan Desktop/ProfileScan Inline and COPRA® RollScanner for efficient quality control of products and roll tools. In addition, data M is also a service provider for design, simulation and analysis in forming – it maintains an international partner network and subsidiaries.


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