COPRA ProfileScan Systems

With increasing market competition and rising demand of quality tubes and profiles, quality management and product innovation have become important forces for a sustainable competitive advantage. In order to guarantee a constant high quality, the products need to be measured continuously.

data M has introduced numerous innovations towards intelligent sensor technology and measuring devices in recent years - an important element for digitalization in roll forming.


Session 4 of our COPRA Virtual Conference is dealing with our COPRA ProfileScan Family.

Our experts will give you an overview of our COPRA measurement systems. Besides the COPRA ProfileScan Desktop - which has already been well adapted and been sold to our customers worldwide - we will also show you our most recent developments - the COPRA ProfileScan Standalone 200 and COPRA ProfileScan Inline.

Additionally, you will learn more about the laser light triangulation method, the GUI and various features that we use in our software.

Following the 20-minutes presentation, our team is looking forward to answering your questions during a 10-minutes Q&A session.


  • Bhargav Sama studied M.Sc. Mechatronics at University of Siegen. He has been working as development engineer for data M Sheet Metal Solutions in Germany since 2017. He is responsible for development of offline and inline profile scanning systems as well as their software. He also implements tailor-made solutions for our customers according to their needs. As a computer vision expert, he has in depth knowledge in COPRA ProfileScan systems and how they can be used in quality assurance.

  • Stefan Steininger has been working as a Mechatronics specialist for data M Sheet Metal Solutions in Germany since 2018.  He is responsible for design, development and construction of COPRA ProfileScan systems. He also leads special training courses, travels all over the world for setting up machines and conducts workshops for our customers. As a measurement expert, he knows how to develop solutions for measuring complex profiles in roll forming industry using COPRA measuring systems.