COPRA RF – the door to the three-dimensional space

COPRA RF is an effective design tool with simple usability in the two-dimensional space.

At the design stage there are many advantages to work in 2D. It allows the designer to create drawings of roll contours and profile cross sections faster and with more precision – this applies to simple as well as complex profiles, tubes, trapezoidal sections or drawing rings.

COPRA RF, however, also opens the door to another dimension and thus widens the design horizon.


In session 5 of our COPRA Virtual Conference series you are invited to enter the three-dimensional space together with our design engineer Lander Arrupe.

In order to bring together machine and other components with the design in COPRA RF, the designer needs to have the possibility to work in 3D. We will show you how easy it is to switch from 2D into 3D with the COPRA RF interface to Inventor and SolidWorks.

Or how you can import the cross section and hole pattern from a 3D drawing directly into COPRA RF.

You will also see how to import the 2D CAD data from COPRA RF directly into the simulation software COPRA FEA RF and how the software automatically generates the FE model. This allows the designer to evaluate the 3D behavior of the forming of the strip - one of the most important characteristics of roll forming. Advanced users can even import 3D tooling into COPRA FEA RF in order to simulate pre- or post-operations such as punching, bending and sweeping.

Following the 20-minutes presentation, our team is looking forward to answering your questions during a 10-minutes Q&A session.


  • Lander Arrupe studied Mechanical Engineering at the university of Stuttgart. He is working as Project Engineer at data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH in Germany since 2006. As experienced roll forming expert and user of data M’s design software COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF Lander Arrupe is high in demand for complex customer projects, specialist trainings or roll forming workshops. Lander Arrupe is regularly travelling to customers all over the world to share his knowledge. As distinguished expert in FEA he knows how to work on solutions for the most complex issues the roll forming industry is facing.