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Ağır Haddecilik

AĞIR GLOBAL manufactures expanded steel rolls, teardrop and diamond patterned flat sheets by hot rolling method; welded tubes, rectangular and square profiles and special shapes by roll forming method.

Depending on the customer requests, AĞIR GLOBAL manufactures various closed profiles by roll forming and in-line welding.

Before using COPRA RF, especially for special profiles, our time-to-market took too long. We encountered problems in roll manufacturing and subsequent profile try-outs. Having integrated COPRA RF in our design department, those errors were minimized. By quick roll design process, we can now meet customer demands on time.

Huseyin Kocalar

What features of the software do you like most?

The ability to store all design stages inside the database, visualizing rolls and strip as a 3D solid model and analysis of strain along strip edge are the features that we find so useful.