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Get inspired by exploring the many success stories from our customers.

AĞIR Global

Before using COPRA RF, especially for special profiles, our time-to-market took too long. We encountered problems in roll manufacturing and subsequent profile try-outs. Having integrated COPRA RF in our design department, those errors were minimized. By quick roll design process, we can now meet customer demands on time.

Samco Machinery

SAMCO has been using COPRA RF for the past twenty (20) years and COPRA FEA RF for the last twelve (12) years.

The increasing use of high strength steels such as Dual Phase and Martensitic steels along with tighter tolerance requirements, we have found these software packages to be almost indispensable. Our tool testing times have been reduced by 70% on average.

Joe Repovs, Founder-Chairman, Samco Machinery

Jiangsu Durable Machinery Co., Ltd.

We,Jiangsu Durable Machinery Co., Ltd, started to use COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF software from 2013, and updated to 2021 version in April, 2021.

During past eight years, we used COPRA RF for the rolls design, and used COPRA FEA RF for simulation.In this way, we can find out the design problem and make optimization. In use of COPRA softwares, we reduced the design risk and improved our development efficiency.

Thanks for data M software development and technical support team.

Eric Fang(方华健)Jiangsu Durable Machinery Co., Ltd. (江苏帝尔保机械有限公司)


We as EAE Machinery have been working in the sheet metal processing field more than 24 years and we started to design and develop Roll forming machines and related accessories .

Since 2008 COPRA RF and COPRA FEA has been implemented by Engineering and Project department. Low and high strength steel forming with punching, embossing, notching even precutting results were exceptional.

Thanks to the DATA M for software developing capability with the sensing of sheet metal behaviour. That really helps us reducing trial period of the machines.

Mustafa Selçuk BAYDAR, General Manager

Reddiroll Limited

The data M COPRA roll design is without doubt an invaluable tool for the design and manufacture of rolls.

From early years of making rolls with templates and wire form jigs we generally found that 1 in 10 profiles would work without any modification. Now using COPRA RF we find a reversal in that it is 1 in 10 profiles that work first off and the odd one may need slight modification.

It is very helpful to have UK based support for both installations/upgrades and if required to utilise the FEA facility.

Technocraft Industries India

We started our association with data M for a design service. We reduced the project cost by 50% by developing the machine in-house compared to the cost of buying the machine from Europe. This was for a complex formwork profile which is indigenously done for the first time in India!

Followed by which, we are since 2 years proud customer of data M products (COPRARF and COPRA FEA RF software) developing tools in-house for our requirements.

Gopal Sirdeshpande, Project Leader

Webco Industries

The FEA analysis that data M performed for us allowed us to see a visual representation of the process problem we were having, as well as providing a quantitative value to the stresses we were imparting to the product. The visual representation was described by the machine operator as “exactly what I’m seeing coming out of the mill”. This analysis showed us exactly where in the process our problems were occurring.

Duffy Armstrong, Webco Industries, USA

Tube Products of India

COPRA Roll Forming Software has initiated deep interest amongst all of us and has enabled us to learn more about the strategies involved in roll forming. Through the COPRA Roll Forming Software, we have learned that roll designing which was considered as ‘Black Art’ till now is now made simple through the scientific approach. We would love to know future developments in the COPRA Roll Forming Software.

Dr. P. Shanmugam

JUGMUG rollforming

With the latest tool, COPRA RF 2021, it helps us tu reduce, improve our roll tool desing and dramaticall reduce downtime of R&N process. It also helps us to manage our roll tool data.

Ranbir Sing, Managing Director

MRK Design, Inc.

I have worked with the Data M team for 15 years, plus. I use Copra RF for my designs.  The program is comprehensive and reliable. I have complete confidence with the results from the FEA Simulations that I get from Data M for my Roll Designs. I have and will continue to recommend Data M software to anyone who is looking for help with their Roll Form solutions.

Mike Kitchen, Owner