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Reddiroll Limited

The data M COPRA Roll design is without doubt an invaluable tool for the design and manufacture of rolls.

From early years of making rolls with templates and wire form jigs we generally found that 1 in 10 profiles would work without any modification.

Now using data M COPRA we find a reversal in that it is 1 in 10 profiles that work first off and the odd one may need slight modification.

We discovered early on that getting the design right was critical, as every modification means that you lose time not only on the modification but also on the following set of rolls. So getting it wrong costs you double.

The improvements that data M have been made to the software over the years is staggering and the roll design times have been reduced enormously. Latest improvements such as parametric forming smart roll editing and the axis configurator save many hours of laborious editing.

Profiles with many passes and ancilliary rolls which at one time would have been a daunting prospect are now possible.

We are often called upon to make good profiles with less passes than we would recommend due to customers machine restrictions. This is when the COPRA analysis is pushed to try to minimise the strains for the best possible results.

It is very helpful to have UK based support for both installations/upgrades and if required to utilise the FEA facility.

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