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Technocraft Industries, India

We started working with Data M India to get design services for our sections gaining the confidence in the software, we decided to purchase the software COPRA RF and FEA RF for designing the tool in-house for future requirements. COPRA software has been a valuable asset when it comes to roll tool development at our company!

It all began with the decisions to manufacture machine in-house for a critical section as an alternate to buy the machine form a supplier. We had a profound knowledge in Tube forming but wanted to build our knowledge on open welded roll forming sections and what better way to than developing our own machine! However, we were looking out for a knowledge partner to learn about roll tool engineering and we chose data M for the same.

We have now successfully developed the machine in-house and have also gained knowledge with the help of which, we have been developing the tools for our further requirements. Design service from data M helped us in many  ways – 

  1. Roll tools were designed for our immediate requirements by the experts
  2. Detailed report given by the team helped us understand science behind roll design and it also helped us to build know-how regarding the product and process.

We are now self-sustained when it comes to roll tool design and development and are successfully developing tools.

It was great to have data M team from Pune, India supporting us and they were backed up by their team from Germany and having a local support always helps!!

We started our association with data M for a design service. We reduced the project cost by 50% by developing the machine in-house compared to the cost of buying the machine from Europe. This was for a complex formwork profile which is indigenously done for the first time in India! Followed by which, we are since 2 years proud customer of data M products (COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF software) developing tools in-house for our requirements.

Gopal Sirdeshpande, Project Leader, Technocraft Industries India