COPRA RF 2023.2 - now available


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2023.2 Enhancements

  • Additional and updated materials in the material database.

2023.2 Additional Developments and Notes

  • Reference point for axes L/R is now determined correctly for rotated side axes.
    Preview of drawing dies now works for all polyline types.       
  • Improved visualization of the roll edges.  
  • FTM: Correct material parameters for inch projects.     
  • In the SpreadSheet table, the row height is automatically adjusted to the font set.
  • Fixed problems when updating material data from the material database.    
  • Selection of title and header lines in the saw list are now saved.      
  • If the roll number is changed, the file name is adjusted for an existing roll drawing.
  • Problems with more than 100 materials and/or material names with a length greater than 30 have been fixed.      
  • Turkish menu file has been corrected.     
  • Creation of the roll DXF file for NC data has been improved.  
  • Axis configurator: top/bottom axle positions for non-symmetrical arrangements are now calculated correctly.
  • Command to mirror the roll attributes is now also available in the CRF standalone version.