COPRA RF 2023 Release


This release includes important enhancements, fixes and user-requested improvements.

New Release Highlights

In this 20-minutes recording of our release Web-Seminar your host Lander Arrupe show you the highlights and functionalities of our new software releases COPRA RF 2023 and COPRA FEA RF 2023.1. 


  • AutoCAD 2023        
    The version AutoCAD 2023 is supported
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2023           
    The version AutoCAD Mechanical 2023 is supported  
  • Inventor 2023          
    The version Inventor 2023 is supported  
  • Simplified installation         
    The administrator no longer needs to start AutoCAD. AutoCAD profile creation is done entirely by the user when AutoCAD is started for the first time.           
  • New roll attribute 'Number like spacer ring'       
    This allows simple rolls to be automatically assigned roll numbers according to the 'diameter x width' scheme without treating them like spacer rings in downstream processes (e.g. single roll dimensioning).  
  • Extended material properties     
    The company voestalpine Stahl GmbH provides the material properties for 90 steel strips. These contain all relevant parameters and flow curves for use in COPRA FEA RF.          

    The material properties are fully integrated into the COPRA workflow and are thus automatically available for the subsequent simulation calculations in COPRA FEA RF.    

In the material dialog, the additional manufacturer material data can be displayed for selection.  

Additionally the flow curve from the stored material data of a material can be displayed in a diagram.

In edit mode additional material can be imported. Use a XML file to import tensile test data to materials.      
An example for this is the file "data_M_demo_material.xml", which is located in the directory <COPRA Installationsverzeichnis>\material.

In edit mode selected material in the table can also be exported into a material file (.xml).

Other Improvements

  • Setting for number of visible decimal places for distance ring numbering introduced         
  • Setting introduced that allows fixed roll attributes or a fixed roll number to be retained for copies of rolls       
  • Parameters last used when creating parametric rolls are saved in order to have them available again the next time they are used 
  • Improved readability of installation side-dependent roll attributes (e.g. retaining rings left/right)         
  • Continuous roll numbering accelerated throughout the plant 
  • Fixed problems when inserting passes     
  • Fixed problems with incorrect installation side-dependent roll attributes for rolls with symmetrical outer contour
  • Some rolls were not mirrored in 'Mirror database'    
  • Incorrect referencing of info parts after inserting passes          
  • Incorrect transfer of project data from archive files fixed         
  • Incorrect numbering with continuous roll numbering fixed      
  • Faulty full section display of rolls on accessory axes fixed       
  • Incorrect transfer of sheet thickness from old archive file fixed